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Install Rubinius on OS X

Using ruby-install, homebrew building it for use with chruby, here's how I install Rubinius under Yosemite (works for Mavericks as well.)

  1. Make sure llvm is installed

     $ brew install llvm
  2. Prepend the homebrew-installed llvm tools to your path

     $ export PATH="$(brew --prefix llvm)/bin:$PATH"
     # Or, for ZSH
     $ path=( $(brew --prefix llvm)/bin $path )
  3. Install rubinius, v2.3.0 at the time of writing

     $ ruby-install rbx 2.3.0
  4. Open a fresh shell once that's built, and you should be able to switch to rbx!

     $ chruby rbx
     $ ruby -v
     rubinius 2.3.0 (2.1.0 9d61df5d 2014-10-31 3.5.0 JI) [x86_64-darwin14.0.0]

There is also a homebrew tap for rubinius which should also work instead of the above. I couldn't get it working on one of my laptops though, which is why I was installing by hand using the above instead. The tap is at and explains install steps.

Install capybara-webkit gem on Ubuntu

Dear future Caius searching for this issue,

The apt package you need to install to use the capybara-webkit rubygem on ubuntu (tested on 10.04 and 11.10) is libqt4-dev. That is, to gem install capybara-webkit, you need to run aptitude install libqt4-dev.

Yours helpfully,
Past Caius