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Now with even more cowbell…

Much Wenlock Triathlon 2016

500m Pool Swim: 00:11:34

Felt good setting off, within a couple of lengths felt like I had no energy. Didn’t have enough to eat/drink during the morning before starting, really makes a huge difference once you set off. Must remember to replace my goggles at some point too, the strap comes loose without warning.

Transition 1: 00:03:06

Rough time for transition. Legs felt good as soon as I was out the pool. Got my kit on without too much trouble, although taking a t-shirt style cycling top instead of a full zip jacket was a mistake—forgot I’d be putting it on wet. Had a gel in transition in the hope it would give me some energy.

19km Cycle: 00:48:03

Lovely start to the cycle route, massive downhill on recently resurfaced roads for the most part. Best part of the cycle ride, with the rest of the route consisting of climbing back up to the start. Couple of nasty steep hills I had to walk sections of, for all I fitted lower gears they still weren't low enough given my lack of bike fitness currently.

Transition 2: 00:06:57

Bike racked easily, shoes swapped, gel necked and a couple of Lucozade bottles clutched and off to run. Took on another gel.

7km Run: 01:04:37

Needed all the fluid I carried, didn't take anything else during the run and felt no less energetic than the other disciplines. Legs didn't really hurt, just felt like lead and had no power. Route was basically a mini trail run then up a tarmac road to the turning point then head back via trail run to finish. Adopted a walk/run approach.

Total: 02:14:17

Certainly the hardest triathlon I've done, and I'm probably at my least fittest compared to any of the others I've done to boot. The location was lovely, the weather was pretty decent (sunny but not too hot). Don't feel like I was beaten by it, but definitely haven't given it my best. One to redo next year and train towards.

The People's Triathlon 2014

My first Olympic distance triathlon, and the first time I've ever run 10km to boot.

1500m Open Water (Freshwater Lake) Swim: 00:38:08

Equally happy and upset with my swim. Basically everything went well except my wetsuit, must get a proper swimming one (possibly sleeveless) before my next wetsuit event. Having to get out at the end of each lap and run down the bank to re-enter the water was a bit strange but not too bad. Worst bit of that was diving back in and forgetting to look down - goggles bruised the edge of my eyesocket!

Transition 1: 00:03:53

Took this at a sedate pace, didn't rush but didn't dawdle either. Perhaps could've gone a bit quicker but not unhappy with it. Found bike OK this time, although chain fell off as I went to mount which was slightly annoying.

40km Cycle: 01:28:49

Started off really badly, managed to knock my watch from cycle into Transition 2 before I'd gotten out the car park. Had to reset it quickly into just bike mode from multisport mode which wasn't too bad to be fair, just annoying. Having done the route in training was a big help on the day, I was aiming for about the time I did it in. Didn't push too hard on the two hills (one of which looks deceptively easy). Very happy with my time and more importantly how little effort it was comparatively.

Transition 2: 00:01:28

Quicker than T1, as normal. Got my shit on quickly, didn't forget anything and even managed to get my watch in run mode whilst jogging to the exit of the transition area.

10km Run: 01:18:40

The bit I was dreading the most. Very very happy with my performance here though. Walked about 90 seconds of the whole thing and kept plodding away the rest of the time. Given the furthest I'd run solidly in training was about 5.5km, I was exceptionally happy to just keep plodding the whole time. Managed to not take on liquid for the third lap, which lead to some impressive cramping in my right quad, so making sure I take liquid on is a definite thing to watch out for in future. And amazingly I wasn't even tail end charlie (not that it really matters, given I race the clock, not other people. But still.)

Total: 03:30:51

There's a tiny part of me that's gutted I didn't manage it in under 3:30 hours, but what's 51 seconds over that period of time. More importantly, I completed the bloody thing! Especially happy with the run, enjoyed the cycle even if it was trying to drown us (there was 6" deep standing water on one of the roundabouts by the end), and mostly happy with my swim.

Looking forward to returning next year and beating 3:30!

Cheshire Triathlon 2014

Successfully completed my second Sprint Triathlon of the season in Nantwich.

500m Swim - 00:10:49

Felt good swimming this. Mixed up my usual breaststroke with some front crawl to overtake and use my legs less towards the end. Think I need to put a shorter time down on paper next time though, was in with people who were swimming much slower than me. (Including one chap who was doing doggy paddle in the deep end and walking as soon as his feet touched bottom. Oh well!) Need to continue with front crawl practice, and aim to do next sprint tri entirely crawl.

Transition 1 - 00:02:43

Went well. Ran from pool to bike and felt OK. Kit on without any fuckups. Didn't fall off getting on bike. Winning. Need to practice getting on my bike in shoes at a run though.

20km Bike - 00:42:31

10 minutes quicker than same length course last year. (Although a slightly new route this year.) Lost a minute when my water bottle fell out about 12km in though. Barely saw a soul, got stuck at one pedestrian crossing on red. Felt very good on the bike (and finally beat Liam on the same route & day ). Need to fit a tighter bottle carrier to stop the bottle falling out on bumpy roads.

Transition 2 - 00:01:21

Came off bike well and ran to shoes. Couldn't find where I'd left them, was trying to find Liam's bike as my marker for it, only someone else earlier in the same row had the same bike as him! Wasted 10 seconds looking probably. Need to remember where my stuff is more accurately in future.

5km Run - 00:39:03

Boiling hot by the point I started running; didn't feel great in the first few hundred meters and never really got comfortable after that. Walked about 800m of it in total at a guess, really didn't have much left in my legs. Not convinced pushing less on the bike would've helped my run though. On the plus side, only 7 minutes slower than a training run a couple of weeks ago in similar heat, and this was on grass. Need to continue running at 5km distance, and train on grass as well as tarmac I think.

Total time - 01:36:27

8 minutes slower than York a couple of months ago, and felt much worse on the run. Very happy with my bike & swim though. More run training required!

York April 2014 Triathlon

Completed the York sprint distance tri in 1:28:37 total, and didn't die in the process. Split times & my thoughts below..

400m Swim: 00:08:08
T1: 00:03:47
18km Bike: 00:38:43
T2: 00:00:58
5km Run: 00:38:08

(Amusingly the official time for my swim was 00:10:10, which then makes my official time for T1 00:00:38; Fastest Swim/Bike transition time in the tri on paper! Ahem.)

Happy with my swim, not much different from training speed & felt good getting out the pool. T1 was okay, and I remembered to put my tshirt on before my helmet this time! Quite happy with my cycling, got down on the drop bars going downhill with tailwind, and could maintain 16mph uphill on the return leg, the bike itself had a major service 2 weeks ago and I'd not really ridden much since that either. Legs responded with life in them coming off the bike, second transition was quicker than expected (elastic laces win!). Moderately happy with the run, was hoping to do it in under 40 minutes (and did), but still felt like I had no more distance/pace left before halfway through. Pushed through to the end okay, and didn't walk at all. Overall very happy for my first sprint distance, and especially happy to be running 5km after swim/bike without walking.

First event of the season done. Main area to work on is my run, but that's been the case since last season. Winter running training seems to have paid off so far.

North West Triathlon 2013

"Fun" triathlon (super sprint distance) done in Nantwich. First ever Triathlon, 7 months after starting training properly.

200m swim: 00:04:08

Despite feeling like I was going super slow. Brine pool was fairly nice.

20km bike: 00:52:31

Pretty happy with that, strongest discipline for me anyway.

2.5km run: 00:21:08

Walked 2/3s of it at a guess. Really hate running, so happyish with this. Need to work on running over the winter.

Total: 1h 17m 47s

BOOYA. Enjoyable. Pretty damn happy with that (had a vague plan of being under 1h30m. So yay.)