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Now with even more cowbell…


I've had a dream for a while. A simple webapp that takes the last tweet in a conversation and outputs that conversation in chronological order on a page you can link to forevermore. Occasionally I'll google to see if anything new's turned up, but they all seem to do far more, require the start and end tweets or are covered in ads.

So one friday evening I just built it. It's called TweetSavr. It's very simple—to the point the error page is just a standard 500 server error page currently. It fetches, caches and displays a conversation, given just the last tweet in said conversation.

KISS extends to the interface as well, I'm quite a fan of URL hacking to use webapps, so TweetSavr works on that basis as well. The homepage sort of has some help telling you how to use it, but you basically take the (old-twitter) URL of the last tweet and paste it after in the address bar. Eg, It'll then redirect you through to the actual page for that conversation. You can also put just the status id on the end of the URL, and hey presto, it loads.

The caching layer is moderately rudimentary, after fetching a tweet that isn't in the cache it writes out a hash of data for that tweet into a yaml file. And when looking up a tweet it checks to see if that file exists, reading it in from disk if it is. Bonus side-effect is it builds up a corpus of tweets as yaml files on disk.

It lives on the internet at and the source is on github at

Side note: isn't it wonderful what we can create given just a few hours, a server somewhere in the cloud, and an idea? Never ceases to amaze me what can be built in just a short amount of time, even the dead simple things.

UK Parking

So I just saw this in my twitter stream:

peterc: Warning UK drivers.. councils get powers on March 31st to give you parking fines for infractions they see on CCTV!

This indeed sucks. We'll see how successful they are at ticketing people and whether anyone abuses the system…

Twitter Statistics

Twitter Statistics for caius

Just joining the band wagon in posting up my twitter statistics. The skew towards december being the month I twitter most in is because I enabled twitter sms, and ended up replying/updating a lot more often than I expected.

Quote to see the new year in

So I'm a geek, as my friends are gradually realising more and more. Anyway, I twitter a lot, and occasionally write quotes that need to be saved elsewhere. And what generally makes tweets funnier are other people replying to them.

A little background information. This had just taken place in #habari (a chat room.)

<h0bbel> ringmaster: i'll show you my winky
* ringmaster runs.
<h0bbel> as jmullan has seen it
<h0bbel> i think
<jmullan> no, I didn't look
<ringmaster> 0_o
<h0bbel> i was kinda drunk at the time
<h0bbel> lol
<jmullan> we were playing "lightsabers" while peeing
<jmullan> not "swords"
<jmullan> I had the yellow saber, h0bbel had the green one
<jmullan> I'm not sure how that worked
<h0bbel> you said you didn't look!
<h0bbel> How did you know it was green?
<jmullan> I just saw the beam, not the handle, if you know what I'm saying
<h0bbel> ehehe
<Caius> xD
<ringmaster> This is all somewhat disturbing.

So in order

And on the back of that, I'd just like to say have a very merry new years eve and just follow your desires onwards in life!