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Think Visibility: An Online Marketing Conference

Now I'm not one for blogging about events usually—if I'm attending one then I'll just talk about it on twitter quite a bit beforehand. However, seeing as this one is being organised by my housemate and I like to keep him in a good mood so he doesn't do something daft like change the locks, I figured I'd blog about this one. (Also its really rather a good idea, I'll be paying to attend and think he's bloody mad to organise a conference!)

The conference is Think Visibility, which is a

one-day mini conference with a focus on the areas of web development and marketing which are usually left behind in the creation process: SEO, PPC, Monetisation, Blogging, Accessibility and Usability.

The speaker line-up has rather a lot of big names in it if you follow the SEO/Online marketing world, and its only £30 to turn up for the day and listen to them speak. Oh, and theres an afterparty with free drinks (Sponsor permitting) where you can get drunk with your hero's. (Or something.)

Me, I'm attending simply because up until a year or so ago I thought SEO was a complete heap of crap, but having known Dom for a while, and worked for an SEO agency, I'm starting to appreciate that there is an art to it, and it is a much needed skill to run a successful website.

BarCamp Manchester

So I'm at BarCamp Manchester for the day. Its great meeting people I already know, and meeting new ones; most impressed by Peter's ruby shoes.. they glitter!

So heres a little list of links for the day:

UK Parking

So I just saw this in my twitter stream:

peterc: Warning UK drivers.. councils get powers on March 31st to give you parking fines for infractions they see on CCTV!

This indeed sucks. We'll see how successful they are at ticketing people and whether anyone abuses the system…