Caius Theory

Now with even more cowbell…

Quote to see the new year in

So I’m a geek, as my friends are gradually realising more and more. Anyway, I twitter a lot, and occasionally write quotes that need to be saved elsewhere. And what generally makes tweets funnier are other people replying to them.

A little background information. This had just taken place in #habari (a chat room.)

<h0bbel> ringmaster: i'll show you my winky
* ringmaster runs.
<h0bbel> as jmullan has seen it
<h0bbel> i think
<jmullan> no, I didn't look
<ringmaster> 0_o
<h0bbel> i was kinda drunk at the time
<h0bbel> lol
<jmullan> we were playing "lightsabers" while peeing
<jmullan> not "swords"
<jmullan> I had the yellow saber, h0bbel had the green one
<jmullan> I'm not sure how that worked
<h0bbel> you said you didn't look!
<h0bbel> How did you know it was green?
<jmullan> I just saw the beam, not the handle, if you know what I'm saying
<h0bbel> ehehe
<Caius> xD
<ringmaster> This is all somewhat disturbing.

So in order

And on the back of that, I’d just like to say have a very merry new years eve and just follow your desires onwards in life!