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Upgraded Dekoni Earpads for Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones

Back in 2019 I picked up a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones for using in the office. Very useful and work well in an office and on public transport. After a while I was finding my ears were getting quite hot when wearing them all day, especially on hotter days in the summer.

The original earpads had a shiny synthetic surface, after some research I happened across Dekoni’s Synthetic Suede Earpads as a suggested upgrade for the XM3’s. Discovered Electromod are a UK business that imports them for sale here, and ordered them. Arrived promptly, and an unrelated issue around payment was easily resolved by customer services. Would buy from them again without any worries.

Fitting the earpads was pretty simple, the old pads lever off and the new pads are pressed into place. From memory I used a plastic spudger to pop the old pads off. The Synthetic Suede seals much better against my head, is cooler to the touch and doesn’t overheat in the same way. I’ve taken to wiping them off with a soft cloth occasionally to stop muck building up on them.

Electromod also carry upgraded earpads for many other headphones, including Sony XM4/XM5 and Bose QC/700’s.