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York April 2014 Triathlon

Completed the York sprint distance tri in 1:28:37 total, and didn’t die in the process. Split times & my thoughts below..

400m Swim: 00:08:08
T1: 00:03:47
18km Bike: 00:38:43
T2: 00:00:58
5km Run: 00:38:08

(Amusingly the official time for my swim was 00:10:10, which then makes my official time for T1 00:00:38; Fastest Swim/Bike transition time in the tri on paper! Ahem.)

Happy with my swim, not much different from training speed & felt good getting out the pool. T1 was okay, and I remembered to put my tshirt on before my helmet this time! Quite happy with my cycling, got down on the drop bars going downhill with tailwind, and could maintain 16mph uphill on the return leg, the bike itself had a major service 2 weeks ago and I’d not really ridden much since that either. Legs responded with life in them coming off the bike, second transition was quicker than expected (elastic laces win!). Moderately happy with the run, was hoping to do it in under 40 minutes (and did), but still felt like I had no more distance/pace left before halfway through. Pushed through to the end okay, and didn’t walk at all. Overall very happy for my first sprint distance, and especially happy to be running 5km after swim/bike without walking.

First event of the season done. Main area to work on is my run, but that’s been the case since last season. Winter running training seems to have paid off so far.